What Is Fascia In The House

April 30, 2024

Fascia is the horizontal board that runs through the outer boundary of your house. This term is thrown around by roofing experts as this sits under the roof edge or roof lining, as you may refer to it. The outer component of your roof consists of trim, fascia boards and soffits to protect your home. All the three components together help to protect the home from rain, snow and moisture.

Upgrade Your Roofs With Professional Fascia Installation

Professional contractors mention the installation while talking about roofing repair projects, new upgrades or installation. Fascia is a structural component of a roofing system which connects the outer boundaries of your home while supporting your gutter and downspout system. Fascia is designed to prevent moisture and water from coming into your residential premise. It gives a protective layer to the interior roof cavity. Professional fascia installation oversees the right angles and height to cover roof rafters and provide support to the overall gutter system.

Types Of Fascia Materials

Depending on the interior choice and relevant considerations made through the lens of budget, weather and structural integrity of your property, expert’s can suggest a variety of types of fascia boards, including.

  • Aluminum fascia
  • Fiber cement fascia
  • PVC fascia
  • Vinyl fascia
  • Wood fascia

All of these types have their own set of benefits such as moisture and weather resistance, improved appearance, low maintenance, durability, cost effectiveness and extended life.

Purpose Of Fascia Boards Throughout The Roof

  • The primary benefit of professionally installed fascia boards is to protect your home’s interior from mold growth, moisture, insects and other pests.
  • It provides an anchoring support to your gutter system all from up the roof to the downspouts.
  • It simultaneously provides an element of uniformity and aesthetics to the overall residence.

How Does Fascia Help Support Gutters Of Your Home

Fascia boards are installed horizontally under the roof edge or lining. Gutters, again, are positioned right at the edge of the roof and attached to fascia boards to take the water away from the roof. However, if the gutters are loosened. It can cause damage to the fascia.

In a different scenario where fascia boards are rotten, cracked or split, they cannot handle the weight of the gutter system which could lead to potential property damage and collapse.

Signs Your Fascia Might Need Repair Or Replacement

Fascia boards can be susceptible to damage over time. Homeowners should be aware of the signs when their home fascia needs repair or replacement in order to avoid any major structural disturbances. Some of these signs include peeling paint, cracks, sagging, unevenness, wood rot and pest infestation.

Call For Professional Help

Fascia not only adds to your home’s aesthetics but also provides great functional value for your roofing and gutter system. If you suspect any issues with your fascia board, calling for professional help from In The Gutter Houston might be the way to go! Call us at (832) 620-7053 for scheduling a visit.