How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost In Houston, TX

May 15, 2024

Your gutters can be suspect to clogs, overflowing and debris causing the water to back up under your roofing and potentially cause leaks. Which is why, routine gutter cleanings in Houston can help you look after any unanticipated debris and maintain gutter health over years. Hiring a professional gutter cleaning service in Houston can cost you anywhere around $100-$480 depending on multiple factors described in this blogpost.

Signs When You Know It’s Time To Clean Your Gutters

You can take these below listed signs to call for professional gutter cleaning in your Houston home!

  • Pest infestation
  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Gutter staining
  • Excess debris in form of leaves
  • Water leak or pools
  • Unusual plant growth

Factors That Affect Gutter Cleaning Cost

There are multiple factors which can impact the final cost of gutter cleaning at your home. Let’s discuss each in detail.

Gutter Length

This is one of the primary cost determinants of gutter cleaning. A professional cleaning service will quote a price depending on the square footage of your home and length of the gutters in linear feet. This way, you know what you are exactly paying for. price per linear foot can vary anywhere from 0.50$-1.50$.

Gutter Type

The two types of gutters include seamed and seamless. While seamed are a traditional option found in older homes, seamless gutters are mostly found in newly renovated homes. You might pay an increased cost for seamed gutters as compared to seamless gutters.

Roof Type

The overall design of the roof impacts the project cost as the mean for accessibility and safety are taken into account. This may also impact the installation expertise of a gutter requiring for a more specific and expert handling, finally driving the price up.

Roof Slope

Not every roof is flat and features a slope to some degree. If your gutter system is on a sloped roof, there is inherent danger involved. This is likely to increase the overall price. However, the increased price should only apply to the sloped portion of the roof.

Gutter Width

There are multiple types of widths when we talk about gutters. The wider the gutter, the higher your cost. Wider gutters are deeper and denser which calls for added labor and time. Hence, increasing the final price.

Condition Of Debris

If you have delayed your gutter cleaning over years, buildup can be extensive, you may have to pay more to compensate for the extra time and professional help it takes for gutter cleaning. This is an avoidable add-on with getting your gutters cleaned more often.

Additional Services

If your gutters have aged and you have some repairs and replacement issues to be covered alongside gutter cleaning services in Houston – it can increase the final cost depending on your availed service, material and labor.

Additional Services Related To Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning services offered in Houston is not an isolated process. There are multiple other services that can be associated with gutter cleaning to ensure its overall functionality including.

  • Gutter inspection
  • Downspout installation
  • Downspout cleaning

DIY Versus Professional Gutter Cleaning

While cleaning gutters is seemingly DIY friendly, it presents danger threats and injury. Your gutters are spaced around your entire home which is why it takes enough expertise and hands-on skill to oversee any problems.

Hiring a professional help gives you peace of mind that the job will be handled correctly. They can also find underlying issues in your roof. While DIY’s can save you some bucks, professional services can help you overcome problems in the long run!

Call For Help

Gutters provide great functional value to your homes. They can however be suspects to debris, clogs, or other problems. Which is why gutter cleaning every twice a year is recommended. The price of each project can vary depending on the size, accessibility and condition of your gutter.

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