Is It OK Not to Have Gutters and Why NOT?

March 08, 2023

Gutters are not usually a homeowner’s first priority. That’s because they typically do their job well, and there’s not much upkeep that needs to be done to them. In fact, a lot of homeowners wonder if they even need them at all. After all, they just keep thick sheets of water from pouring down all around your house during a storm, right?

Well, that’s somewhat correct, but there’s a lot more to it. So, is it ok not to have gutters? Yes, some people in very specific circumstances can get by without gutters, but it can be devastating to not have them when you don’t match those specific criteria.

Let’s go over it.

When Is It OK Not To Have Gutters?

The vast majority of people do need gutters in their homes, and they do a lot more than just divert rain. We’ll talk about that soon, though.

If you live in a very arid environment that doesn’t get much rain, or you live in an area that isn’t overly rainy and your home sits on a hill, you can typically afford to go without gutters. There’s very little rain to worry about, and even if it does storm every once in a while, the water is automatically diverted downhill.

Is It OK Not to Have Gutters and Why NOT?

Why Do Most People Need Gutters?

For the 99% of you who don’t live in an area where gutters are not necessary, there is a big reason to ensure your gutters are in peak condition at all times; even if you think it’s just a bit of rain, and it won’t hurt anything.

When water flows off your roof, it obviously gets run off the roof into the part of your yard just a few feet away from your house.

That water pools up in large amounts, and it seeps into the ground. Then, it can slowly start to deteriorate your home’s foundation. You’ll start noticing foundation issues such as cracks in your garage flooring that seep water, the flooring of your home might start to bow, and other major issues will happen before it’s simply too late for you to do much about it.

So, yes, it’s just a little rain, but that rain can do considerable damage and have a major impact on your life if it’s not handled properly.

This is where gutters come in. They catch the rain pooling up on your roof, and they divert it to locations that are further away from your house. This protects your foundation from being water damaged over time, and it can help prevent less costly problems such as wood rot and other things.

It’s not enough to just install some gutters, though. You have to maintain those gutters year-round to ensure they’re working properly. That means ensuring they’re connected to the home properly and free of debris. During storms, hard impacts can jostle your gutters lose or remove them entirely, and that poses a major safety hazard. Even if that doesn’t happen, debris can build up in them to weigh them down or clog them. Luckily, you can prevent that with the best gutter guards and minimize your upkeep requirements while protecting your home. Contact us today and don’t miss out on the best gutter guards out there!