Gutter Installation in Katy, TX

Your home is a life-long investment that pays you in multiple ways. So, using top-quality, low-maintenance gutters is the smartest way forward to prevent water damage. At “In The Gutter,” it is our priority to help you choose a guttering system that is a perfect match for your home. Whichever type of gutter you need to install in Katy, you can rely on Rodney Darbonne and his team to provide top-notch services. 

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    Seamless and Sectional Gutter Installation in Katy, Texas

    The method of installation makes a big difference. Seamless gutters are manufactured on-site by rolling a metal sheet through a gutter-forming machine. Then, we secure it to the side of your home in a continuous run.

    Sectional gutters, on the other hand, are difficult and time-consuming when it comes to installation. They are usually made of vinyl or plastic (unlike seamless gutter because they cannot be rolled). As a sectional gutter system is installed in Katy, each part is mitered and sealed to be thorough.

    In The Gutter is a family-oriented business, running successful gutter installations in Katy, TX, and adjoining areas for more than 20 years. 

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    We are a family-owned business that has been running successfully for 20 years, serving Texas and areas in the vicinity. In The Gutter has gained popularity due to our top-quality gutter solutions. The role played by gutters in protecting your home is crucial; that is why our team is dedicated to providing hassle-free gutter installation services in Katy, Texas, ensuring your peace of mind.

    Gutter Installation Process 

    We ensure that your gutters are installed with precision in Katy, TX. This multi-step process starts with our experts snapping layout lines to mark the high and low points of your gutter run. After this, we meticulously inspect the fascia for any signs of rot before proceeding to attach fascia brackets securely to the rafter tails. Then, we cut the gutter to the right length for a perfect fit. Next, they join multiple gutter sections by overlapping them with the help of stainless steel screws or pop rivets, placing them on the sides. 

    Now, end caps are fixed to seal the gutter ends with downspout holes cut at the lower end using a downspout outlet. Fast forward – the gutter is secured into the pre-installed brackets and fastened with machine screws. We put a strip miter joint around the gutter’s underside for a seamless corner with pop rivets or screws to secure it and a caulk for extra waterproofing. Finally, we connect the downspout to the gutter, ensuring proper drainage for your house in Katy, TX.


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    Gutters are an integral part of your house. If they are damaged or outdated, your house is at risk for water damage. But instead of trying to go for DIY and replace it yourself, contact our team of experts from In The Gutter! We are professional contractors and can install durable and long-lasting gutters in no time. 

    Contact in the Gutter for hassle-free installation in Katy, Texas. We also serve the following areas: 

    1. Houston
    2. Cypress
    3. Tomball
    4. The Woodlands and more

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