Do You Really Need Rain Gutters?

October 30, 2023

Rain gutters aren’t exactly the most glamorous part of your house. However, they do tend to play a crucial role in protecting your home from water damage, especially during heavy storms. Whether it’s preventing foundation erosion or keeping your sidings intact, gutters are an incredibly beneficial invention that all homeowners need. In The Gutter brings you exceptional guttering options, making sure you and your house are free from such problems. To learn why rain gutters are important and when you might need them the most, make sure to read this blog till the end.

What Are Gutters?

Rain gutters are water collection channels that help to direct the flow of rainwater from your roof to a vertical pipe, known as the downspout. This process allows the water to run through your roof directly to a bigger channel of water, successfully carrying the water away from your home’s foundation. Moreover, depending on the material of the gutters, the speed of the water flow can increase or decrease. However, to ensure that your rain gutters are installed correctly or made of the proper material, it is better to consult a professional roofing contractor for more information.

Do You Really Need Rain Gutters?

If you live in a climate where you constantly get rainstorms, then a gutter installation might just be a mandatory addition you’ll have to make to your home. Although gutters are not legally required for homeowners in Texas, since they help to maintain your home and prevent damage, they are technically considered a necessity. So, even if your region doesn’t see as many rain spells, you should still consider getting a rain gutter.

When Do You Need Gutters?

Take a look below to see all the different scenarios where a gutter might come in handy.

1. Your House is Surrounded by Hills

While it may be scenic to live in an area surrounded by pretty hills and slopes, sometimes it can do more damage than good. This is because the water directly flows from the hill to your house at the bottom, leading to a giant puddle. Water pooling on your property is extremely dangerous as it can give way to mold, rodent infestation, and foundation problems.

2. You Have a Furnished Basement

If your house has a furnished basement with carpeting and other easily damaged home decor, then you definitely need a rain gutter. The pipes will carry the water away from your house without causing any flooding problems. On the other hand, living without a gutter can prove to be difficult as the water will flow from your roofs and pool around the house, seeping into the basement.

3. Your Roof’s Overhang is Short

At times like these, having a long overhang comes in handy. Otherwise, if your overhang is short and touches the siding or walls of your house, it can cause the water to cascade down and gather around your property. While this may not sound as bad, it leads to tons of costly repairs and plumbing maintenance.

Closing Words

All in all, rain gutters are a valuable part of your home’s architecture. Whether you get tons of rain or not, a properly installed gutter can make all the difference. So, if you’re tired of dealing with rodents, puddles, and the stench of water trenches in your yard, look no further! In The Gutter is here to help. Just pick up your phone and dial (832) 620-7053 to get in touch with our technicians today!