5 Telltale Signs Your Gutter is Clogged

September 15, 2023

While rain is supposed to be calming and soothing, the effects it leaves behind are far from it. If your roof turns into a cascading waterfall every time it rains or you find random puddles of water in your yard, things may not be so good. No one wants to wake up to their beautiful garden flooded after a small rain spell. But if this keeps happening, it just might be your gutter calling out to you, trying to tell you something. In this blog, we will be decoding all the signs that could be pointing to your gutters not draining properly and what they mean.

Why is my Gutter Not Draining Properly?

If your gutter refuses to drain the rainwater properly, chances are it is clogged to the brim. This can make the water splash over from the sides, spilling over the shingles of your roof. It is common for sticks, leaves, and other natural debris to gather up inside the open gutter panels, causing the blockage.

However, sometimes, poor gutter installation can cause the guttering to sag, especially after a heavy storm. This ultimately makes the water pool inside the ducts rather than drain as it is supposed to. If you do not get this repaired, the gutter could give out, leading to constant leakage and water damage.

Signs Your Gutter is Clogged

A clogged gutter is extremely dangerous, especially if left untreated. The longer you push the matter away, the worse the consequences can get. For instance, the pooled water can seep into your walls and ceiling, or it might even give birth to mold and bacteria. Thus, to prevent this from happening, it is best to get your gutters and roof maintained every year or so. Regular checkups are just as important for your home’s health as it is for you. Nevertheless, here are some prominent signs that point to a clogged drain. The moment you notice two or more of the following situations, call in a professional repair company immediately.

1. Your Ceiling Has a Wet Patch on it

A wet patch indicates that water has pooled inside the structure of your home. Over time, this could weaken the ceiling, causing leaks and further damage.

2. The Gutter Looks Like it is Sagging

Your gutter line should be straight and rigid. The moment it starts sagging or drooping, consult a technician as soon as you can.

3. The Water Keeps Overflowing from the Gutter Line

When the downspout of a gutter gets blocked, the water is unable to flow freely. Instead, it pools inside the gutter until it overflows, ruining your home’s exterior.

4. There are Plants Growing inside the Guttering

If you notice lush greenery sprouting on the inside of the gutter, that should be a sign something is wrong since plants aren’t supposed to grow in a trough.

5. There is a Large Pest Infestation in Your Home

From rats to squirrels to birds and even insects, standing water is a danger zone for most homeowners. Rodents can find their way to it, wanting to drink the water or bathe in it before sneaking inside your home.

What’s Next?

After a rainstorm, if your yard turns into a soggy mess or your gutter has water spilling over from its edges, it may be a clear indication that something is preventing the water from flowing freely. To avoid further complications, it is best to get the gutter professionally drained and cleaned. For more queries and concerns, contact In The Gutter at (832) 620-7053 to get a free quote today! You can also reach out to us for an in-depth gutter inspection.